Monday, August 20, 2007


Take a look at 13 Blog Clichés and tell me how many I'm guilty of here on Bloggity.

Huh. If/when I have a baby, I hope to echo this experience.

Stolen Avengers Artwork found in Coloring Book picked up at a garage sale.

Yet another reason to not go to the movie theater. I'd rather watch movies in private than have theater owners assume I'm a criminal and film me.

Respectable science blogger PZ Myers is sued by crackpot writer for daring to present a negative review of a book. I really want to read more about this one. It's so utterly insane, there must be more to it.

Mike Wieringo collective memory.

More Seattle trivia. That high temperature... it was just after I got married and moved into a tiny and utterly non-ventilated apartment. We stayed at my in-laws air conditioned condo a few days.

Making public domain information public. What a concept, eh?

Biofuel... better processes can make it cheaper, and greener.