Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sunday Morning Thoughts

Just Read This. A truly amazing piece of writing by a former Seattle Times reporter about the Pike Place Market and the Great Depression. Just go read it.

Ken Jennings and the Daily Hello's. Hubby-Eric figured out what Jennings says in the rest of the article a long time ago. More proof that hubby-Eric needs to get on Jeopardy?

Boing Boing on the Wizard of Oz.

A MetaFilter poster by the name of forrest discovers connections.

Jack Chick takes on Harry Potter and even gets the facts wrong. Cool.

The math was wrong, but it doesn't change the facts.

If you bought a video from Google's download service... too bad. They are taking it back. This is yet another reason DRM sucks. You buy something, you expect to own it. Not to have it stolen from you by the company you bought it from. No one should trust any company that sells stuff with DRM on it.

An editorial about menu rules that I pretty much agree with.

Elvis was NOT racist.