Saturday, January 12, 2008


Comics Fairplay on Playboy's Wonder Woman.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #137: Brave and the Bold, the Punisher, and Death's Head.

An Iraqi reviews The Pride of Baghdad, and finds it good.

An Interrupted Mind: Robin Balzer's Buffy Tale.

Star Wars Guide to the Presidential Candidates.

Merv Griffin's Grave.

Pacifist World of Warcraft player tries to make it to the top without killing anything or helping any players that kill.

Is it legal to blog about a failing marriage?

This can't be real, and if it's real, there must be some drawback I'm missing.

I was just reminded of my favorite HTML reference site: W3Schools. If you plan on doing any website design, this is a site you probably ought to have bookmarked.

The no-fly list is complete bull, and these kids will have troubles all their lives because of this bogus list that some idiot dreamed up that doesn't help keep us safe at all. The no-fly list ought to be abolished and the TSA turned over to monkeys... they'd do ten times a better job than the current morons.

Ars Technica explains why a recount in New Hampshire is necessary:

The fact that optical scanners leave a paper record is totally irrelevant if a random audit of the results is not mandatory by law after every election. And in New Hampshire, there are no mandatory audits. As I've said before, mandating a paper trail without also requiring post-election audits is like buying a security system for your house and then not turning it on.
If democracy is worth having, then it is worth checking to make sure the results are certain.

In Kenya, a borrower is spotted on the news at a refugee camp.

How literacy changes your way of thinking.

Self-Link: Aquaman Links, including the gaslight Aquaman and reaction to Teen Titans Year One. I'd like to proudly note that I got the in-line comments working on the Aquaman Blog too.

And finally, the Seahawks lost, no surprise. They were even spotted 14 points by the Packers at the beginning of the game. They were completely outplayed in the snow. Oh well... next year.