Sunday, January 13, 2008

A Sunday Review

Let's see, over the last couple of weeks I read a few comic books, have been watching an old series called Timeslip, and saw the 2007 movie version of Bridge to Terebithia.

So hubby-Eric and I are 11 episodes into Timeslip, having watched the first six-episode story last Fall. We started the second one after we finished the first Sapphire and Steel story. Although this series was originally shot in color, only B&W versions of most of the episodes exist. In the first story, two children (Liz and Simon) travel into the past and unravel a mystery about Liz's father. In the story we're watching now, Liz and Simon visit the future and learn of Liz's family's misfortunes. I'm enjoyed the series a lot. It's from 1970, and it shows (I love the cassette tapes of the future!) but the story manages to convey some dramatic tension and is overall pretty fun to watch.

Our weekend movie this time was Bridge to Terebithia from last year. I'd feared from the advertisements that this movie would be horrible and not follow the book at all... until I saw an interview with the author's son (the original inspiration for Jesse) in which he stated it was a very faithful adaptation. And so it was. Almost too faithful for me, who cries every single time I read the book. Sure enough, I burst into tears at the dreadful moment in the movie. If you liked the book, definitely check this movie out.

As for comic books, I'm still a bit behind on my reading. I read and mostly enjoyed Teen Titans Year One #1, although the look of Aqualad in that book is hideous, especially compared to the other characters. I suspect the artist despises the character to make him look so bad. I also read Northlanders #2, which was as good as I remember from the preview. Again, this book looks better in color and is off to a solid start. Justice League Unlimited #41 was fine, but the bit in the back got my hopes up until I remembered the Super Friends comic that's coming out soon. Lastly, Doctor Who Classics #2 continues to impress with great coloring of the classic stories that I already had in at least three formats already. Still... when you're a fanatic...

Hopefully I'll read more comic next week so I can report on them.

Off in TV land, I've been watching the classic Doctor Who story "Robots of Death", which was great fun and similar to the most recent story "Voyage of the Damned" in some small ways. I also watched American Gladiators, and enjoyed the mindless fun of competition. The Daily Show and Colbert Report are back, but lack a lot without their staff of writers. Both are just watchable. And lastly, there have been new Ghost Hunters, but I haven't had a chance to watch them yet.

And that's the year in review so far, actually. I've been working almost non-stop on a database so I haven't really had that much time for extras. It's been remarkably difficult to just do my Ripples Through Time, even. Still, looking at it in sum like this, I seem to get a lot watched anyway!