Thursday, January 24, 2008

Major Pet Peeve

Look, if there is an emergency vehicle behind you, then you PULL OFF TO THE RIGHT. And you do it immediately. Not when the vehicle is right behind you, pounding on the horn. You do it when you see the lights. You move over.

Coming home from work today, I spotted emergency lights behind me and immediately got over into the right lane. The car that had been behind me in the left lane zipped by and blocked the road for the fire engine. So the fire engine pulled over into the oncoming lane and nearly had a head-on with another clueless driver taking a blind right turn onto the road... right into the path of the fire engine.

I detest people who don't pull over. What if it was their house on fire? Would they get out of the way if they knew that? Would they move aside for an ambulance if they knew that a family member was in it? Are those non-moving people stupid, or just murderous a--holes?