Monday, January 28, 2008


So... Saturday night we went down to KBTC for the semi-annual Doctor Who pledge drive. The news reports were SCREAMING about how it was going to snow, and the roads would be awful and panic panic panic! We hesitated a little, as the idea of being out in the snow was not appealing. But eventually we all went, even me (because suffering from fibro at home alone was less appealing than suffering with a group of friends around me). And you know what happened, right? Not a drop of real snow. Oh, there was sleet, but the roads were wet and clear all the way home. It wasn't bad.

So the prediction for last night was a bit of snow mixed with rain. Of course, waking up this morning we had a couple of inches of snow and Seattle, being Seattle, is shutting down.

It's still coming down, nice and pretty. I think I'm not going out today...