Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday Linkdump

Heidi asks us all: How Much Would You Pay? I think $3.99 is the limit, but I don't know. I'd spend more on an Aquaman book.

Johnny B shows us A Portrait of Mike Kaluta. Wow.

This is the single most evil alarm clock ever. I think I'd never sleep in for a second if I had this... either that, or I wouldn't bother hitting snooze and end up sleeping in several hours. Via Augie.

Speaking of gadgets, The Powerseed is a clever device to remind you... well, to do things on a regular basis.

Elayne directs us to a My Little Pony Generator that I found entirely too fun for my own good. Naturally, I set about making Aqua-Ponies.


I can't decide whether this story is tragic or a sign of overbearing parenting.

Here's a use for old iMacs.