Friday, February 01, 2008

Friday Night Linkdump

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #140: The Fatal Five, Superman's Twin, and Emma Frost.

Every time I go to the Wizard of Oz convention with my hubby-Eric, I see someone wearing a t-shirt like Wil describes: "There is no place like" I love it, and one of these days I'm going to make one for myself.

A friend of mine has started a mini-city named "Pontoon". If you visit this link it will add a new resident to the town, and help her play the game. No, I don't know the point. But I'll be checking it out to see if her town grows.

Hubby-Eric and I have been cutting down our meals to help with my weight loss efforts. One time-saver meal that we use is Stouffer's Large Classic Lasagna. It's very good when you want a meal but don't want to go to any effort. We've been trying to convince Lean Cuisine to make meals in 2-person sizes. Well, I got a response from my last letter that said they were thinking about it... "Should consumer demand become great enough, we may introduce such a product into the marketplace." How do I get the word out to consumers that it's a good idea to write to Lean Cuisine if they want this?

The Spanish businessman in this article is clearly a psychopath.