Monday, February 11, 2008

Monday Night Thoughts

If you are feeling like having some pancakes, IHOP Free Pancake Day is tomorrow, February 12th 2008.

The minicity I've been following, Pontoon, now has industry! So the Pontoonians have gone from being farmers to... um... building things? I wonder when the transportation link will become active? SimCity via links.

I would switch "Love Poem" and "Chocolates", but otherwise this Savage Chickens cartoon has it pretty right.

GO PIA! YES! Pia Guerra to work on Doctor Who! AWESOME! If it sounds like I'm thrilled for this, it's because I am.

Why Aren't You In Newspapers? Bill of Unshelved (one of the best webcomics out there) explains the situation. Incidently, if anyone wants to buy me this, it'll go great with my Library T-Shirt.

Comic Strip Protest Round Up.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #141: Storm, Magick, and Supergirl. Also see: Comic Book Urban Legends Addendum, on Super-Menace.

Michael Sensei links to YouTube Wallace and Gromit commercials from Japan. Now I'm amused.

Woody Guthrie bootleg recording restored.

Slashdot has a fascinating article on how laws ought to be "developed".

The Doctor Who LOL Macros group has been having a meme going 'round of "Terrifying Pertwee". It starts here.

He quit Aquaman for this? *sigh* I'm utterly uninterested.

In more somber news, Steve Gerber.