Monday, March 24, 2008

On Comment Moderation...

I moderate all of my comments.

Like Chris, I get so much spam that if I didn't moderate, half the comments (or more) on my blog would be spam. I also moderate so I'm sure I don't miss any comments that people post. I don't get a lot of real comments. Most of what hits my queue is spam. After deleting the spam, I look at what's left, if anything... any personal attacks go into the bit bucket, and what's left goes onto the blog.

While I don't always support Valerie's opinions, I support her right to express them in any way she feels, up to and including deleting dissenting opinions *on her own blog*. As long as she doesn't reach across the internet and shut up dissenting opinions everywhere, I'm cool. What each of us does in our own corner of the 'net is up to us. Not to the masses of people who may or may not read us.