Saturday, March 29, 2008

Rainy Saturday Morning Links

Are you going to participate in Earth Hour?

The Happy Villain talks about fictional non-fiction and how libraries must deal with it.

Neat housing designs, with the idea that the homeowners can help build the house easily.

My Mormon cousin posted this YouTube video on her blog, so it's ok to laugh heartily at it. I found it ROTFL funny, myself.

Botanist sues to stop CERN hurling Earth into parallel universe.

First the bees, now the bats. Don't care about bats? You should. They reduce the overall number of bugs, so we aren't overrun by hordes of insects. Bat die-offs are a bad thing for humans.

Stowaway objects tell stories.

Want to know why a scientist would go to see a crappy Creationist movie? Well, so they can debunk it of course. Be sure to read Richard Dawkins' take.

Step 1: Stop Stealing.

Oz and Ends directs us to a great video of a pop-up book.

Ok, I think this might be a cool fate for my ashes.

A paper airplane from space. The Japanese do the coolest things. I'd love to be the one to find one of these.

This article is startlingly familiar.

Thanks to Elayne for pointing me at The Ten Peepish Plagues for Passover. Plague #2 is the best.