Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Snowy Links

Yup. It's snowing. Hard. In Western Washington. In late March. This is freak weather.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #148: Mayo Kaan, David Ben-Gurion, and Chris Claremont.

A prayer goes out to Don Rosa.

When they say "Do Not Reply" they mean it! The poor guy who owns will get your e-mails instead. Then he'll blog about them. "Faliszek said he is constantly threatened with lawsuits from companies who for one reason or another have a difficult time grasping why he is in possession of their internal documents and e-mails." Well, let's see... if you forge the header to respond to instead of an internal server, then bounced e-mail will end up at the forged domain! Simplicity! And a big security problem for companies with idiot IT administrators. The companies are illegally using a false domain in their e-mails. I heartily approve of Faliszek's response to the problem. I wouldn't be half as nice as he is.

You don't own your eBooks. At least, that's what Sony and Amazon want you to believe.

Putting a videogame console into your TARDIS. Easy for the Doctor, not so easy for us average folks.

Food Advertising vs Reality. Some foods come across ok, most do not. Someone should do this with American foods.

Vandalism on Easter Island. I hope they throw the book at the moron.

Skeptic giggles as he's cursed to die. On India's national TV. No, he didn't die.

When you Gotta Go...

Getting rid of the penny. Should we? Would we then say, "A dime for your thoughts?"

Hypnotist thief caught on video. Very strange. True hypnotism is more of a relaxation technique than mind control, and he apparently relaxed the clerks into not realizing that he was stealing from the register in front of them.

The Predictions of Arthur C Clarke.

A simple tale of treating someone right.

Ok, I understand why the court overturned the passenger bill of rights, but why on Earth would any responsible group CHALLENGE the law in the first place?!?? In short, none would. The Air Transport Association of America does not care about their customers. I haven't flown for many years, and I have no plans to fly until the TSA is revamped and airlines are held responsible for tormenting their customers.

I don't really need this, but I installed it on Firefox anyway. I like being able to mouseover an icon and see the time in cities around the world. I even installed it on Thunderbird. I now can find out the time in Kathmandu instantly.