Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Seattle Links

Peter Bagge's Betty MacDonald
The Seattle Times looks at Betty MacDonald, a local writer that I adore. She would have been 100 on March 26th. They've put up excerpts from her books, and a couple of letter from fans. As you might recall, I reread all of Betty MacDonald's autobiographical books a few years ago and made a little bibliography of her works.

Sticking with Seattle... Vintage Seattle lets us know how to survive the atom bomb in Seattle.

The most respected Seattle Mariner, Edgar Martinez, denies the charges of drug use in the clubhouse.

The Seattle Times also tells about a Boot Camp to fight Chronic Pain. I do wonder if this would help me. The point is probably moot, as I haven't got insurance nor money to pay for it.

And, not Seattle-related, but for the in-laws: Easter Puggy.