Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Wednesday Links and Ranting

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #147: Daredevil Cartoon, Azrael, and Sgt. Rock.

It's no secret that I've lost 110 pounds by counting calories in the last couple of years. Which means I really want nutrition data to be available at restaurants for the rare times I get to go out. However, I've never been keen on King County's Plan, which requires that data to be put on the freakin' MENU. I want the data available, either on a website or a booklet I can take home. I don't want it on the menu.

The Gruesome Origins of 5 Popular Fairy Tales.

Happy Anniversary (belated) to Larry Young's AiT/Planet Lar.

More belated: The Uncanny X-Peeps.

Wait, Firefox 3 is NOT bloatware?!? Someone is actually listening to users? NO WAY!

Garrett links to stabilized footage of that near airplane crash.

Hmm. I tend to think that parents who reject vaccines ought to have that right... but we ought to have the right to completely quarantine their children away from properly vaccinated children. Those kids should have "I AM NOT VACCINATED" in big letters on all their clothing. If any parent complains that such a child is in their properly vaccinated child's class, the non-vaccinated kid should be rejected and forced to find a new class. Then those rare cases of people for whom the vaccine fails won't be put at risk by people for whom intelligence has failed.

Oooh, awesome 1934 Popular Science report about a planned Soviet amphibious monorail. Cool.

Clean up an environmental threat and make clean energy at the same time. That's the goal of converting algae blooms to biofuel.

The X Prize offers $10 Million for 100-mpg vehicle. I hope someone claims it soon.

Chocolate may save forests (Video Link).

LOL graphic: The Wizard of Oz from recent Doctor Who.

Arty pug helps kid to read. And these pugs don't look happy.