Monday, March 03, 2008


Another Monday, another swimday! Yay!

Visiting my parent's house to pick up my mom today, I drove by a house where three young men were... um... well... two of them were on the roof with a wheelchair. The third was standing in the driveway. The two on the roof released the wheelchair, which crashed into the driveway while all three laughed. I nearly drove off the road at the odd sight. When my mom and I returned, they were still at it. I can't quite imagine what level of entertainment dropping a wheelchair repeatedly off the roof of a house into the driveway can give, but it can't be good.

I also got caught in a nasty traffic jam. It wasn't the usual... as I came up on the backup, I noticed the emergency vehicles racing by in the carpool lane. Just for kicks, I checked how far I went in the 30 minutes I was caught up in the backup: 2.5 miles. Ouch.

Heading out to the pool, we had a heavy downpour, enough to make me worry about going through some of the suddenly forming puddles on the road. The on-ramp onto the freeway was a flowing river. But we got through it.

My mother, bless her, made a bedside pocket for Eric to match the one for me.

My latest project: creating a page using wiki software. We'll see if it ever gets to the point that I make it public. Truth is, even if I make it public, it'll never be a real wiki. I'm not inclined to invite the general public to edit my websites. Trusted users, sure. General public... no.