Sunday, March 02, 2008

A Sunday Review

Aquaman Punch!
Started the week with the Oscars. Although I don't generally go to parties unless I'm hosting them, I went to an Oscar party and joined in the guessing contest. I'd only seen one of the movies (Ratatouille), but I still managed to guess 11 of the winners correctly, netting me the grand prize of the party. I should have got 12 right, but I picked Persepolis for best animated despite my certainty that Ratatouille would win.

TV this week: Iron Chef America: "Flay vs. Rathbun Brothers" (any time Flay is on, I root for the challenger... and hey, fascinating theme on this one), Classic Doctor Who: "The Invisible Enemy" parts 3 & 4 (hilariously bad special effects make this one a treat), Torchwood: "A Day in the Death" (if he doesn't have any breath, how can he talk?), Supernanny: "Tafoya Family" (liquid soap in the mouth is VERY BAD), and Robin Hood: "For England...!" (whoa, that one almost upset the apple cart).

Comics this week: JLA Classified #53 had Aquaman! And he did ok, as well! And there was even an "alternate" Aquaman! Happy happy Laura! Justice Society of America #13 was more Kingdom Come, and not enough of my favorite JSA characters. Eh. JSA Classified #35 was Wildcat and not much else. I don't mind Wildcat, but he's not my favorite of the JSA.

Moving on to other books, Fallen Angel #24 was just confusing to me. Why is V for Vendetta hanging out there? Doctor Who #1 is let down by the artwork. The story needed strong art in all the "talking bits", but it didn't get it. I hope the art is better in the next issue. PS238 #29 was great as usual. I've been a big fan of Tyler, but The Flea has me in near-hysterics half the time now as well.

This week's library movie was 300. What a crappy movie! Very stylish, very pretty in some ways, but s-l-o-w as molasses and without enough plot to support the action. How can you possibly make a movie about the Battle of Thermopylae that's this boring? I've read the graphic novel, I thought I knew what to expect, but this was just silly junk. Nice try, but not good at all.