Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Yearly Scourge Has Returned!!!

That's right! Girl Scout Cookies!

We went shopping tonight and at both stores we stopped at there were Girl Scouts proudly asking, "Would you like to buy some cookies?" Legitimately, I could've said, "No, thanks, I've already ordered mine." ... But where would be the fun in that?

At the first store, as we left, I confronted the poor startled girls after they asked their question with, "Are they made from REAL Girl Scouts?" Both girls faces went slightly pale with shock, while one of the mothers standing guard behind them laughed and prompted them with, "Yes, yes they are!" The girls, smart as whips, quickly got into the spirit and started pointing out which cookies had which types of Girl Scouts in them. If I hadn't already ordered cookies, I would've bought many more boxes from them! I got one box of Do-si-dos (55 calories a cookie).

At the second store, the girls had the more typical reaction. Though one of the mothers reminded the girl about the movie where the joke originally came from. I bought one box from them as well, Tagalongs (75 calories a cookie).

*sigh* I have some money set aside in a drawer for my niece when she comes calling with our pre-ordered boxes. And I have to avoid any more Girl Scouts for the rest of the selling season, because I just cannot resist playing with their minds.