Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Foolish Roundup

Kevin Church has April Fools Day haters pegged.

I like this one. Gentle humor, easily dismissed because the article itself says it's a joke.

I also have a fondness for Evil Bully. Dangerous m-- er, stuffed bulls, are very attractive.

The Museum of Hoaxes links to a few good ones.

Mike Sterling has gone All Star Batman and Robin for the day, while Pal Dorian has turned his blog into a Booster Gold fansite.

I pity the ... nevermind.

Google Sightseeing says Google Earth is using X-Rays and Infrared in its next update.

Something that wasn't a prank: Craigslist ad was meant to cover up crime.

Note: I may add to this post later if I see other fun ones.