Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No Foolin' - Links

Heroes Initiative to Publish Mike Wieringo's final Marvel Comics work.

Superman creates Community.

There's something very appealing about Deep Value. While I don't want to toss my various gadgets, I wish I could repair my car myself. We use cloth shopping bags and have a clockwork radio. I also tend to have a healthy supply of candles on hand.

I don't know, Jack, I've listened to old-time radio and I enjoyed The Shadow.

The Ten most unreasonable parking tickets of all time.

Famous photographs redone in LEGO. Check each image to see links to the original photo.

Here's a write-up of a neat library event related to a book I recently read.

I'll be watching this story closely to see how well the turbine works.

More on the Wii Fit, the one video game I think maybe I ought to consider getting.

More pug for the in-laws.

And lastly, Rest in Peace Jim Mooney. For your delight, an image Mooney did of Aquaman:

Jim Mooney's Aquaman