Thursday, April 03, 2008

Thursday Already? Links

Wil Wheaton is coming to Emerald City Comicon, and I plan to troll him if possible.

Speaking of small friends, Bully gets a Doctor Who scarf. I recall that he wore Monty the Penguin's scarf when he visited, but now he's got his own!

A review of Outside, the first massively multiplayer game.

Robin Williams saves the day.

Eminem, Benny Hill, and Doctor Who, enough said.

Before I move to Ubuntu for good, I need this book.

The Bad Astronomer has spotted a really cool clock. I wouldn't want it myself, but it's very cool.

MetroLyrics goes Legit. Now you all know where to look up song lyrics online.

Students fight back against the RIAA's illegal tactics.

Interactive Vietnam Veterans Memorial. My uncle Neil.