Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Tuesday Night Links

Northlanders #1 is now available free online from DC/Vertigo. Go check it out.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #151: Nextwave, Jan Duursema, and Jill Thompson.

Evil Inc gives you a choice of seeing the strip in B&W or in Color.

Thieves publish an artist's website as an incredibly expensive book.

The Everywhere Girl.

South Korean cars have cell numbers as window stickers. This is so people can call the car owner if they are blocked in by the car.

Freezing small portions.

Origins of the firepole.

Easy Bake Ovens and memories. I wish I'd learned his trick for getting cheaper cake mixes. I seem to recall that we stopped playing with mine because we couldn't afford the mixes.

A LOT of reproduced artwork comes from one village in China, and some of the artists were asked to do self-portraits.

Did the 1918 Cubs throw the world series?

Censorship or not, a quick review.

Relying entirely on GPS is really stupid. You have to pay attention to the road as well as the navigation system. D'oh.

Here's a pug for the in-laws