Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Again Already?

As a supposed comic book blogger, I think I'm required to link to the 2008 Eisner Award Nominees. I guess I'm supposed to comment on them, too... um... everything I've read from the lists is excellent. I hope they all win.

Batman-flavored Ice Cream. Uh, yuck?

The 8 Addictive Habits of Bloggers, according to Daily Blog Tips. Oddly, the only one of these that even comes close to describing me is the RSS feeds one (#5), except I read all my feeds and remove any I don't like as soon as I realize I don't like it. In short, I'm not the type of blogger this is aimed at.

For the one or two people out there who didn't see it: Jim Mooney's last published work (probably).

I didn't like the most recent Noble Causes, and this article may tell you why.

Six things in Expelled that Ben Stein doesn't want you to know. And, as long as we're on about Creationism, Survival of the Fittest, an oldie but goodie.

If I could afford a hybrid, I'd get one. Hybrids are selling well and maybe I'll be able to get one on the aftermarket when my current car gives up.

I have always maintained that I want nutritional information available, but not on the menu! Unfortunately for New York, the menu is where the calorie count is going.

Water bags and flies. I'm just shaking my head at this one.

Iron Man Extra. Brit tourist talks his way onto the set.

Virgin Media isn't an internet provider anymore. They are a provider of some bundled internet services. If they were my ISP, I'd dump them immediately, just like Cory says he has. As it is, the only reason I'm still with Comcast (which sucks bigtime) is because we have no alternative here.

Is it Kosher?

And, just for fun, a cat playing the theremin.