Monday, May 19, 2008

Dental Distress Part II

Hopefully this will be the final part, as well.

Walked down to the dentist at 2pm, and filled out a very complete health history form. The office was all women. I don't think I saw any guy in the building during my entire visit. That made me feel surprisingly comfortable.

The damage to the filling was clean, so the dentist thought that it would possibly be a straightforward filling replacement. I opted to go for it, as delaying wasn't going to make the whole thing any cheaper. And they had time to get in there and put in a replacement today.

I apparently have petite teeth. Peteeth?

The dentist, once she'd removed the remains of the old filling and checked, found a bit more decay under the old filling. She carefully dug it out, and I could hear her worrying that it was too close to a nerve. When she finished, she told me that I have a 50% chance of needing a root canal on the tooth. Only time will tell, as I need to give the tooth a week or two to heal, during which pain should be fairly common, but should die down quickly. Continual pain is a really bad sign.

So now I just need to wait and see if the pain goes away. Wish me luck.