Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #154: Jim Shooter, Million Dollar Contract, and Steve Ditko.

Cats on a Treadmill.

David Petersen draws the Wizard of Oz.

Ben Stein is a moron. He'd better lose his glasses, since they are the product of science, and thus (according to him) little better than Nazi tech.

Why I support equal rights, particularly for marriage. Remember, bigots refused to recognize mixed ethnic marriages once. The world moves on, people grow up.

I wanna make Dutch Babies! But I'm frightened to try.

If a scientist felt that killing a lab grown coat was morally wrong-ish, will people ever embrace lab grown meat?

Top Ten Interview Mistakes.

Kaja Foglio finds the best stuff at Fred Meyer.

Futurama: Good News, Everyone!

The mystery of the Missing (ex)Mariner.