Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thursday Night Already?

Whenever hubby-Eric and I want a pizza, we get on-line and order from Papa John's. Apparently we aren't the only ones. I prefer PJ's easy ordering system to trying to order via phone.

Send your name to the moon. I've already added Laura Gjovaag. Add your own.

MetaFilter takes on Dave Sim.

Placebo Walk Buttons. Query: do you hit the walk button once, or multiple times? If you hit it multiple times, why? (I hit it lots, because it's something I'm allowed to hit and never screams when I hit it).

Things Carol Channing Should Never Do.

The ultimate article about what Net Neutrality is: namely infrastructure.

"The obvious answer is for regular folks like you and me to own our own last mile Internet connection. ... The idea is simple: run Fiber To The Home (FTTH) and pay for it as a community of customers -- a cooperative. The cost per fiber drop, according to Bill's estimate, is $1,000-$1,500 if 40 percent of homes participate. Using the higher $1,500 figure, the cost to finance the system over 10 years at today's prime rate would be $17.42 per month.

What we'd get for our $17.42 per month is a gigabit-capable circuit with no bits inside - just a really fast connection to some local point of presence where you could connect to ANY ISP wanting to operate in your city."
Striped Icebergs.

Comcast wants heavy users to pay more. As I don't think I could download that much on my currently often very slow Comcast connection, I'm not yet annoyed at them. At least, not for this particular reason.

This is NOT the way to respond to traffic cameras (may be Not Safe For Work if your eyes are very sensitive). They're going to charge him with not having a safety belt on. heh.

As I recall, when this now-resolved story hit the local news, it was kind of in the form of, "er, we're sorry, but we tried to look for these guys quietly but couldn't find any sign of them. Anyone know who they are? They were acting slightly suspicious and we want to make sure they weren't up to no good." The local media had debates on whether or not it was proper to show their image, and there was a bit of healthy debate. There was certainly never any panic. I'm glad the guys stepped forward and cleared up the concern.

Missing Child Experiment. How useful are those "Have You Seen Me?" ads?

On a very serious note: A Lost Story of the Holocaust. Pass it on. Via Dave's Rantlets.

For the in-laws: Don't Make Hulk Pug Angry.