Thursday, May 01, 2008

Thursday, Post New-Comics Day

A note to start: my last linkdump began with a rant about spoilers being posted in the headline of an article on ComicList. I was extremely annoyed at the time, and I'm still a bit miffed about having the pleasure of the surprise ending ruined for me by that site. However, in the comments to my note, Charles LePage, the owner of the site in question, apologized and promised to do better in the future. He came across as polite and considerate, despite my snarky reply to him. While I still think I will not re-add his site to my feed (I have far too many sites to read as it is), I have pretty much forgiven Charles. Now, have I forgiven DC for releasing that information to the press before I could get the comic? Not really, but my opinion is worthless in that argument.

Fans are raising funds to help David Pirkola, a comic retailer who was robbed and then shot in his shop. As a small business owner, he has no insurance. If you have a couple of dollars to donate, please do. This guy needs the help.

Big Bird is a Dinosaur.

ComicMix points us to a fan video of scenes from the Christmas episode of Doctor Who. This is from the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas episode, not the previous ones.

How would LOL: The Gathering work?

I do believe that LEGO Wesley was made by David Oakes, who made my custom Aquaman LEGO minifigs.

I really wish I had the equipment to do this. I would love to be able to make my own chocolate.

Fashion... or gang sign?

I've always hated hard lemonade, because I don't drink alcohol and I hate having to make sure that what I'm ordering is actually lemonade and not alcohol. I suspect the father in this article dislikes hard lemonade even more than I do.

Blogging from Mt Everest during a crackdown on protesters.

I've always hand-coded my HTML, and I'm not the only one.

More LOLCat Theology.