Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Various Updates

I can't wait for the next linkdump to report this news: Steven Moffat will succeed Russell T. Davies as Doctor Who showrunner/exec. producer in 2010. That's REALLY good news for Doctor Who fans. Moffat is behind some of the best stories of the new Doctor Who, and will no doubt carry on Davies vision of the show while adding his own style to the mythos. Good news all around!

A "Get Well Soon!" to Lois McMaster Bujold, one of my favorite authors.

Tooth news: the tooth that cracked a filling was my left mandibular second premolar, aka tooth #20. It had an amalgam silver filling, which broke because of decay underneath the filling (which apparently had been there a long time, as the dentist said the tooth was trying to heal over the decay). The dentist replaced it with a non-amalgam filling that makes it look completely natural but still feels like a filling (cold sensitivity is the main issue at the moment).

Last night, when the numbness wore off, the tooth was in sheer agony and I had to bite my tongue (literally) to avoid yelling at poor hubby-Eric for nothings. By this morning the pain was down to a low ache, only being triggered when I clench my teeth or eat/drink something cold. There's a very slight swelling on the left side of my mouth, and my jaw still aches from being held open for the filling. If have continual pain for more than two weeks or so, I need to have a root canal on the tooth. So far, I'm optimistic.

If I had the money, I would happily replace all my amalgam fillings with this other stuff (Resin). It looks so much better. I'm not usually a critic of my own mouth, but the difference is striking. I actually LIKE looking at my tooth while I brush and floss now. And there is the mercury thing. I know what the studies say, but it seems rather counter-intuitive to put a substance in your mouth that is too toxic to pour down a drain. Unfortunately, I haven't got the money (or insurance that would pay) so I'm going to have to live with a mercury-filled mouth for the moment.

More notes on this dentist. As I mentioned, I went to the ADA website and just called dentists who were in walking distance. There were a lot I could've called. I went with the first people who said they could fit me in same-day. I've already mentioned that it was an all-female office while I was there, which made me very comfortable. Another good sign was when they offered me shades for the exam, they were thick and green and I said, "Ah, Emerald City glasses!" and the dentist and her assistant both laughed and responded, "Yes, we call them our Oz glasses." Then the dental assistant set me up with headphones on an "Oldies" station, which turned out to be 1960's rock. There is something lovely and surreal about having a tooth filled to the sound of Bob Dylan singing "everybody must get stoned".

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