Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Another Linkdump

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #155: Barney Google, Savage Dragon, and Skrulls.

Note to all my friends who knit: no, I don't want a knitted Ood.

Speaking of legal troubles, Jeff Trexler explains Warner's auction canceling actions.

Men of the DCU Contest.

Elayne tackles pink. My own pink story? I hate pink LEGO, and wouldn't build with them at all until some of the guys in the LEGO Train club I belong to pointed out how much they loved pink for realistic buildings. I still have almost no pink bricks.

Looking at my town from an outside perspective. Sort of.

YIKES. I think my little sister was left behind on a trip once... but we were driving, not flying.

Seven Insane Conspiracies That Actually Happened.

This may have an immediate, positive, effect on my life.

Don't drive distracted!

Money refaced. I prefer the more subtle ones (Emo Lincoln, Planet of the Apes Jackson).

MetaFilter talks about the Something Store.

The Tunstallator.

Tests for Husbands and Wives. Grrrrrrr.

More LOLCat Theology.

And lastly, Pug for the in-laws.