Friday, June 27, 2008

Moving Update

More comics to the comic shop, and hubby-Eric got rid of some stuff on Craigslist. Evil Twin and the parents came over and helped clean for a bit. Evil Twin even packed Aquaman stuff for me.

We also went through our main bookcase and put a lot of books in the pile to go to Third Place Books. Evil Twin took my bike to the shop to get it fixed for me, and also helped reduce the woodpile from the front. She's definitely the good twin this weekend.

We checked out a few more listings of places in our new home area, and I also started to make storage/rental plans in case things don't come together smoothly. Did a budget update tonight... things are going to be tight to the point of "I have no idea where we're going to get the money for this" until we're settled, but after that, even with the usual problems of home ownership, everything should smooth out pretty nicely. Fingers and toes are crossed.

Nine more days until we start showing the house.