Saturday, June 28, 2008

Moving Update

No visit to the comic shop today, but we got five more boxes of comics set to go to Iraq. My parents also finished removing the front woodpile, and my mom has plans to plant actual plants in our planter box. Hubby-Eric and I tackled the "pantry", a former bedroom that got converted into a "throw any junk in here to deal with later" room. It is now "later". We made a significant dent in the mess. We also got a box ready to take down to the bookstore to see if we can get any store credit from it. I also managed to get most of my Aquaman comics into two long boxes, now I need to find the lids for the boxes. And we collected a bunch of clothes that can be donated.

Eight days until we start showing, but the next Androgum party is next Saturday, and will be the last Androgum party held in this house (unless an Androgum buys the house, which seems unlikely). So we've got to have the living room and kitchen prepped by next Saturday afternoon.

Tomorrow the realtor visits to give us a little advice. I'm sure she'll enjoy visiting our very cold house on these really warm days. Of course, in the area we're moving to, I'm seeing triple digits on the weather forecast. Wow. I don't know if I'm ready for it.

It's not a dream. We're really getting ready to move. Sometimes it seems too bizarre to be real.