Sunday, June 29, 2008

Moving Update

Today was very very hot outside, and fairly warm inside. Both of us were dragging after a week of ripping apart our rooms and trying to get the clutter reduced. The realtor visited to reassure me a little about how much needs to get done by "showing day", and whether or not we could pile boxes into the garage. We didn't get a lot done. More comics gone through, clothing to be donated, books to try to sell. Neither of us feel like we did enough today. We're hearing fireworks at night now... Independence Day must be soon. As if I wasn't already having enough trouble sleeping.

We are going to need to borrow a truck or van and take a trip to the dump soon. We have too much for our bins. The recycle bin is completely full right now, and I think we could almost fill another bin at this point.

Seven days until we start showing the house.