Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Wednesday Rantlings

Phil Foglio's Good Omens Artwork is on eBay. All the money will go to the Alzheimer's Research Trust in honor of Terry Pratchett. I tried to put in a bid, but it was already well beyond my limit (and growing) when I submitted.

This story about a track star reinstated as champion got to me, especially the bit about the second-place winner, when given the gold medal, went to the disqualified runner and gave her the medal.

Cryptomundo is reporting on Bushnell's One Million Dollar Trail Cam Contest to get a picture of bigfoot that is declared as genuine by a panel of experts.

The RIAA's thugs, MediaDefender, illegally attack a legit torrent site and take down the company's entire website as a result. Again, illegally. Through a Denial of Service attack. Which is illegal. The RIAA sucks. Any company that sues its customers, especially without evidence in most cases, sucks. I hope Revision 3 sues MediaDefender into oblivion, where thugs like them belong.

More on Stonehenge. In fact, it may have been a Royal Cemetary. Thanks to Maggie for the first tip on this one.

German Twit looted Machu Picchu 40 years before its official discovery.

Top Ten British Top Ten Sports Lists according to the Observer Sport Monthly.

An explanation of why TV sets don't have a channel one. This may not mean anything at all to the current generation, but it was a minor question in mine.

Loss of rights: while am Amtrak spokesman is telling a news crew that it's fine to take pictures in DC's Union Station, a security guard shows up and tells them to stop filming. Then refuses to explain the policy that makes guards harass photographers.

A gamer makes a comment on a new trend in video games of leaving dead bodies as part of the landscape, and what that means to gamers and how they see the game.

Boy abducted by Ircenrraat (the Alaskan equivalent of leprechauns). This is from the Museum of Hoaxes, but I wonder if Cryptomundo would be interested in it as well.

Wait... California allows amendments to their constitution through a simple majority of the popular vote? That can't be right.

A blogger at the NY Times explains why he hates traffic cameras. Yeah, I think they are the wrong way to enforce laws as well. Especially since the companies that run the red light cameras tinker with light timing and make intersections more dangerous.

Pug Puppy for the in-laws.