Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Tuesday Linkages

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #157: Johnny Carson, The Blackhawks, and Crusty Bunkers.

A review of Hikaru No Go, one of my favorite comics. I use what little Amazon.com credit I get when people use Amazon links on this site to buy the latest volume when it comes out. I usually have just enough.

This is either the best thing on the internet, or the worst. It's a YouTube mash-up of X-Men and Wicked. The guy singing Magneto is no Idina, though.

John Hodgman, writing for the New York Times, reviews some comics, including Age of Bronze.

A reboot of ReBoot is coming. Fans beware. Metafilter has more.

Bully gets Beef-Cake! Cool!

Take a look at the Top 10 Unseen Google Street View Sights. I like the contrast of the scuba diver and the Segway convoy.

The Floorplan of 221B Baker Street. I want to see the floorplan of Poirot and Hastings' flat.

Guerilla Gardeners. I've often wondered why we don't use public space to grow more food and such. These people don't wonder, they just do.

Solar power beamed from space. Yes, it could happen. In our lifetimes, even.

Yet another article on Wii Fit. I haven't wanted a video game this badly since High School.

Remote tribes in Brazil are photographed from a plane. Cryptomundo has some thoughts about the photos.

More LOLCat Theology.

Pug (and not pug) for the in-laws.