Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another Linkdump

I probably already linked to this, but since it became an Astronomy Picture of the Day, it's worth another link.

Terrorist Watch List Graph.

This is an Androgums meal: Blood and Souls.

The mystery of The Lido.

Lost tapes of the Doctor Who Composer. Delia Derbyshire was ahead of her time.

Kids on the Tower.

Wonderful Safety Sign.

Don't Litter. Aquaman would like this ad.

Fanboy in the dictionary.

Virus Alert: Snopes on the latest. Snopes also takes on McCain's citizenship.

The Rubik's Cube prank.

Can't sleep, penguins will eat me. But wait, BATDOG to the Rescue!

Different Flavors of Chocolate Labs.

Cute Overload embeds Simon's Cat Shorts. For the latest, Simon needs a TiVo.