Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Moving Update

Wow, so much has happened. I don't know where to start.

Ok, Frankenhaus first. We got an offer! A firm offer, with a large earnest money deposit. We dickered a little, trying to get more, as the offer wasn't at our asking price, and eventually both sides gave a little. The inspection is a bit delayed, because the buyers couldn't get an inspector before they went on vacation (ARGH!) but we're allowed to show the house during the delay and take back-up offers.

So we're sort of back into limbo as far as Frankenhaus is concerned, which has loaded stress onto our shoulders. But hey, we've got one offer, and another potential buyer showing interest if this deal falls through. In this market, that can only be considered a good thing.

As part of the offer, the buyer wanted us to clear the blackberries in the back yard. Because he didn't raise the price enough for us to feel it was justified, we managed to get him to drop that requirement, but we still had to clear out the old fridge in the wellhouse (that has been there since well before we moved in). My Dad came over, and hubby-Eric and Dad managed to somehow get it gone.

Now, over to Eastern Washington. I mentioned we put in a second offer on the Stepford House. It was countered, and we accepted the counter-offer yesterday. We still have the inspection, but the paperwork is nearly all in (only one piece missing, and it will be in by this weekend). The closing will depend entirely on how quickly our banker can get the paperwork done. Usually it takes three weeks, she's going to try to expedite to see if she can get us into the house a little sooner. Did I mention that Eric starts work in 18 days? And that's not including the three-day training session he will be going to shortly?

Yeah, so we're a bit stressed about the timing of it all.

But it's all coming together. We'll be moving oh so soon, within the next month. We'll be living in Eastern Washington by the end of August. And we almost have an address on the other side of the mountains. Only the inspection left.