Thursday, July 31, 2008


There's an eclipse tomorrow.

I need this book.

A whole blog of Cake Wrecks.

DJ Coffman will draw for you, if you've got $2 to spare.

Brave and the Bold preview.

Tom Beland explains where he's been, then shares some reader feedback.

Mail Order Comics Review.

The World's First Computer displayed the Olympic Calendar.

I wonder if I can grow this in Eastern Washington?

Diane Duane on getting rid of the plastic bag. Seattle is also trying to introduce legislation to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags. Also, Diane Duane's book, The Big Meow is up to chapter seven, free on-line.

I'm not a fan of Critical Mass, in general. I think too many of the riders go out looking for trouble, and it gives all bicyclists (myself included) a bad name. That said, I'm not sure what happened in this Seattle incident, because both sides give different stories. Either the driver got angry and ran over cyclists, THEN was attacked... or he was being attacked without provocation and ran over cyclists trying to escape. Either way, both the cyclists and the driver should've been booked, not just the cyclists. There is no doubt that the driver ran over bikes, and that's assault with a deadly weapon.