Thursday, July 03, 2008

Moving is a Pain

So, it rained heavily in the area today, mostly in the morning. My parents ended up canceling their trip up to visit. Eric's Dad, however, came through with a pile of boxes and a trip to the dump. In fact, he neatly and intelligently dealt with some large furniture that we weren't sure how to get rid of, then took a load of over 600 pounds to the transfer station. Yay, we're 600 pounds lighter!

In addition, hubby-Eric's paperwork arrived today, so he now has a bunch of homework to fill out. We plan to hand-deliver it, and look for a new place to stay when we do. But the focus is still on getting this house ready to show.

Three days until showing starts, a day and a half until the final Androgums Doctor Who party at this house.