Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Moving Update

Whew. Today was mostly just more packing and packing. Hubby-Eric hit the bookstores and got some cash for a few boxes of our books. The charity organization came and picked up the clothing we put out for them. We did take a break and walk to the library and grocery store, and used some of the book cash to get a little ice cream treat.

Yesterday was more dramatic. In addition to the strange event with the recycle truck, I also found TWO four-leaf clovers while dragging my feet in the yard, carrying stuff. That's what I get for looking down, I guess. My sister had to remind me that I found them, though. I was that wiped from yesterday.

Hubby-Eric's Mom arrived while my family was still around, and they all plotted together to get the front of the house looking good. Then, once my family left she weeded the entire front walk while Eric and I packed stuff inside the house. Then she came inside and packed five (or was it six?) boxes of books! Did I mention she also brought a bunch of much-needed boxes?

Eric's Mom also brought some food and some food for thought. We discussed our moving plans with her, and she helped clarify what we'd already been thinking. We have some difficult choices to make in the next few weeks, and she offered much needed help. The food was good too. We had the wraps she had brought for us for dinner, and I had one of the plums she brought for breakfast this morning. Mmmm plums.

The plan right now seems to be for Eric's Dad to come over on Thursday to haul away another load of junk, so Eric and I need to get stuff ready for him to take out. My parents plan on visiting on Thursday to get the planter box in the front of the house ready, then Eric's Mom will plant it when she comes back on Sunday. I think my family is also bringing up a grill and some hot dogs to have an Independence Day lunch at our place. In the meantime, Eric and I must just pack pack pack until we have nothing more to pack. It's amazing how much stuff accumulates in ten years of living in one house.

Five more days until showing starts. Three and a half until the Androgums party. Wish us luck and good health. We need 'em both.