Sunday, July 27, 2008

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Iron Chef America: "Flay vs Hamilton" - Ooooh, I love the ingredient. I should've taken notes.
  • How Do You Solve A Problem Like Maria? - The final four got to snog John Barrowman!!!! I wanna get into the final four! Ahem, anyway, any of these women could perform the part, from what we've seen. I really don't have a preference, though I would love to see them all go on to successful careers.
  • Dinner: Impossible: "Boardwalk" - Now I want to try the chocolate-covered bacon. Symon is a MUCH different chef for this show than Robert. More inventive, more willing to take risks, less annoyingly uptight, and lots more alcohol in the food.
  • The Next Food Network Star: "Ultimate Vegas Buffet" - This was a completely cringe-filled episode. In the end, they made a very interesting choice. I'm not sure what else they could've done at that point.
  • History Detectives - The smoking jacket was fascinating, and it was rather impressive how she managed to hunt down the original owner's son. Very cool episode.
  • Ghost Hunters International: "Castle of the Damned" - Barry the Iron Chef makes his Irish Stew... no wait, that's another channel. This was a fun one for stories, but not much by way of experiences. It did prove once again that a little research goes a long way.
  • Ace of Cakes: "Elephant Delivery Service" - Duff in a heavy, hot costume delivering an incredibly intricate cake to little children! Fun. But the best cake was the library cart.
Comics this week:
  • Land of Oz Manga #1 - Wow, that zipped through bits of the tale really fast! Almost too fast, in fact.
  • Usagi Yojimbo #113 - Ah, that one worked out nicely in the end. Well, for everyone but Usagi.
  • Green Lantern Corps #26 - Both rings? This one will have something to prove.
  • Justice League of America #23 - Vixen's new powers... she should have been able to win that battle.
  • Spirit #19 - A nice anthology of three tales. All of them had the Spirit spirit.
  • Super Friends #5 - Aquamonkey!
  • DMZ #33 - I don't much like the looks of that cliffhanger.
  • Fallen Angel #28 - I really have no idea what to say about this issue. I wonder what part the suicidal dude will play in the future, if any?
  • Superman #678 - *yawn* I don't know what's happening in this book anymore. And I don't really much care.
This week's library movie was Enchanted. Yup, we took the time to stop and watch a movie. We're pretty close to being done cleaning and packing, so we took a break. And it was a fun little movie. About what you'd expect from Disney making fun of itself. Good animation, good acting, fun plot, and cringe-inducing moments of various New York rodents cleaning an apartment. Yikes. Worth it for Disney fans, or people who like the cute.