Saturday, July 26, 2008


I haven't done this in too long:

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #161. There's a lot more already, I'm WAY behind.

Do you know what the copyright terms are?

Dalek Security Camera.

Scholars set date of Odysseus' homecoming. Does this help date the Trojan War, too?

I think I know what my next con costume ought to be.

Zagat Guide Outtakes: "I actually pulled out my cell phone and called to ask them to please bring us water."

Sports bra saves hiker stranded in the Alps (the story seems to have vanished, but the story highlights are still there, and tell the whole thing).

How To Make A TARDIS Cake. Mmmmm.

More Doctor Who: Fans try to continue animation project.

The FBI is destroying history.

I want to visit the LEGO vault.

Cow Cat (does it say "mew" or "moo"?).

Pug puppy for the in-laws.

And a heart-warming lion story on Cute Overload.