Monday, August 11, 2008


Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #167.

Here's an interesting image of a bunch of ad characters on the march.

Want to know what kind of gas mileage you are getting? Try this tip from Get Rich Slowly, which is to join Fuelly and track your fuel-ups and mileage on-line. You can also compare your mileage with other folks who own the same type of car. Since you folks helped me get my car, it seem only fair to share my profile and Cody's Info with you.

Timeline of Internet Memes. I joined the net in 1991, and recognize a lot of these.

The virtue of Imagination, and what it means in today's world. Doctor Who fans will like this one. Yes, it's long, but it's good.

Cheap cellphones making big money and big change in poor countries.

Senseless acts of vandalism make me sad. is dumping paying associates in gift certificates. This means I'll need to find another way to get Hikaru No Go. False alarm. Doesn't apply to associates.

Owning the last mile, the way the future needs to run if we want the internet to continue to be a useful tool for everyone.

Why have them make engine noises? Why not horse clopping? Or make 'em sound like you have playing cards stuck in the spokes of a bicycle. The possibilities for noise pollution are endless.

Comparing party games to FISA and data overload. You can draw conclusions based on preconceived notions given enough data.

Wow, the DHS hates the Fourth Amendment and the Constitution.

What's really sick about this drug war story is that this happens daily. The only reason it made CNN is because the victim this time was a white mayor.

PigPug for the in-laws.