Sunday, August 10, 2008

A Sunday Review

TV this week:

  • Ghost Hunters International: "Shattered Spirit" - While the picture was interesting, I couldn't describe it as a ghost. The sounds they heard... well, despite everything they still might have been the house settling. And I just don't know about the EVPs or the doll falling. But I'm still not convinced with this one.
  • Big Daddy's House: "Boy's Night In" - A promising start for the next Food Network Star winner. I like his son. And the food looked pretty good, too.
  • Iron Chef America: "Morimoto vs Ophaso" - No contest on this one, but there's no way you could get me to eat any of those foods.
  • Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives: "Where the Locals Eat" - Oh man, I'd love to try those crab cakes and hushpuppies at the first place. And I want to try the french toast at the third place. I'm not a chicken fan, so the second place did nothing for me.
  • American Gladiators: "The Winners Are Declared" - I missed most of the season because Eric wanted to watch the Maria show, but I really didn't miss much, except the introduction of some new events. And hey, I got to see the final episode.
  • Ghost Hunters International: "Hauntings of South Africa" - This one was a good example of how easy it is for people to fool themselves. Some good debunking went on, but they still declared the place haunted based on EVPs. The prison was interesting, but Barry is about as trustworthy a witness as Brian.
  • Olympics Opening Ceremonies - We TiVo'ed the CBC coverage, and it wasn't bad overall. The parade of nations was chopped up a bit by ads, which often happens, and of course once the Canadians came in they spent too much time interviewing Canadian Olympians who all basically said they same thing and not enough covering the other nations. The spectacle was impressive as usual. The drumming was particularly cool, as was the moveable type. The lighting of the flame was also excellent. And I liked the footprint fireworks walking to the stadium. Now: sports. I wish we weren't moving, we would be able to see more of the events.
  • Food Detectives: "Double Dippers" - I never thought double dipping was so bad. Yuck. I knew why you should start with cold water when boiling, but I didn't know that trick with the onions. As for ginger help with motion sickness... it doesn't seem to help a lot, just a little. But maybe I should invest in some ginger pills anyway.
  • Ace of Cakes: "Pandamonium" - The panda cake was really impressive. It's like the first cake they ever made that just seemed to go right all the way through. But I really want a deep dish Chicago Pizza cake, chocolate, for myself.
Comics this week:
  • Doctor Who Classics #9 - I'd forgotten about the old abbot and the jelly babies. For that matter, I'd forgotten who the baddies of the story were. It was fun to read this again.
  • Final Crisis #3 - New Aquaman? What was wrong with the old ones? *sigh* I wanted to like this, but the more I read, the less I enjoy it.
  • Jonah Hex #34 - What an incredibly depressing story.
  • Detective Comics #847 - Would this story be any better if I knew who Hush was? Or cared?