Monday, August 18, 2008


Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #168: Coincidences, Two-Face, and The Beast.

While the water cube is clearly a fast pool, they left out two changes that would've granted swimmers superpowers.

These bike helmet covers look both cool and silly at the same time.

Nobody knows what caused the big bangs under Lake Huron.

Penguin becomes Knight.


You never know who might be a spy.

As expected, known huckster Tom Biscardi didn't deliver on his promises at the Bigfoot press conference, thus setting back cryptozoology another 10 years in the eyes of the media. If Bigfoot is ever proven to exist, it will be despite Biscardi, not because of him.

Renewable Diesel Fuel. I'm all for alternative forms of energy. On the same line, The Smart Fortwo gets a test drive, and doesn't impress with its gas mileage. In the meantime, some drivers are converting their own cars in electric powered vehicles. I wonder if I could get someone to convert mine, and if it would be worth it? As for solar, Metafilter directs us to a website that calculates the solar potential of your roof. Our new home in Eastern Washington will have much more sun, so we're thinking of going solar in a few years if we can pay off all the current debt we've built up.

And... a pug for the in-laws.