Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Moving Update

If you've been watching the financial news, you'll know that Freddie Mac, the big mortgage lender underwriter, is in trouble. Guess who's involved in our loan? The result has been dozens of extra hoops to jump through. So we're jumping, and we've canceled the movers entirely because we have NO idea when Freddie Mac will run out of hoops. Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, IT SUCKS.

We temporarily took Frankenhaus off the market to work up a battle plan, and we're nearly ready to get back to work with lower expectations. We've also checked into renting the house until we sell, and we actually have some serious interest. But first, we've got to move out. ARGH!

In the meantime, with all the worry on his head, Eric has started work. He's currently living out of a hotel, which is not ideal. In fact it's horrible. But people keep putting up hoops for us to jump through, so we can't move into our house yet. We're looking at alternate housing for him for next week, since it's really looking like we aren't going to close on the house this week.

If you've got any spare good luck, send it our way to clear out the hoops so we can finally go home.