Saturday, August 16, 2008

Moving Update

Well. Everything suddenly stopped as far as getting things done. So we haven't actually closed on the house in Eastern Washington yet! We have started to give out the address (if you need it, send either hubby-Eric or I an e-mail and we'll pass it along) since the offer was accepted and the house passed the inspection, but we can't move in, so don't send us anything to that address yet. We've pushed the official moving date out another week (it was originally going to be today), but we have no idea if we'll have everything done (paperwork/bureaucracy/more paperwork) by then. Which has caused us TONS of stress.

As for Frankenhaus, we've been strung along by a potential buyer for several weeks. The buyer delayed us and effectively put up a shield so other potential buyers didn't come around... and now they've decided that because the foundation of the house is 60 years old and not brand new that we must drop the price of the house by 1/3. This will not happen, as we disclosed both the age of the house and the status of the foundation well before the inspection, so it shouldn't have been such a surprise. In addition, we're fairly certain the buyer plans to tear the house down and sub-divide the property anyway, so the foundation of the house shouldn't really matter.

The result is that we probably aren't going to find a real buyer very quickly, so we're considering renting the house out. We don't like the idea, but the buyer screwed us over quite nicely and we're getting to the point where we have no choice. On the up side, we already have a potential renter. We just don't know if we'll be able to get enough to cover the mortgage payments. And we hate the idea of being absentee landlords, so we're looking at all our options very seriously now.

So, if I seem a little stressed or extra snarky, this is why. Because I am stressed. I don't really see any way out of this, and since Eric starts work on MONDAY, well... life sucks right now.