Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Linkdump

First off, I want to say that I remember. I haven't forgotten at all what happened in China, nor will I forget Tiananmen Square. I don't forgive the leadership of China for what they did and what they continue to do. At the moment, though, I live in a glass house as far as human rights are concerned, so my outrage is tempered by the sick knowledge that my own country is as guilty in many areas as China is. In addition, the Olympics are about the athletes, and the unattainable goal of world peace. I watch the Olympics because I believe we can and will rise above all the petty politics someday. I watch the Olympics because I hope.

Which is not to say I can't be snarky about them...

Confused by the new scoring in the Olympics? Here's an article about it.

Rob Riggle in China.

One of the things I actually liked about the Opening Ceremonies, the footprints of fireworks, were faked. So it was a technical achievement, just not the one I thought. I recall being impressed/startled that the fireworks were being launched with traffic on the street... something that in retrospect really should've clued me into the fakery. I'm far more disappointed in the media for not alerting the audience of the deception than I am that I was fooled by it.

They also faked a singer because they thought the best singer wasn't cute enough. Style over honesty. Truly China has become a modern nation.

Looking into the past, Heidi Krieger, an Olympic champion from East Germany, tells what happened after his Olympic experiences thanks to the cheating that East Germany did without the althletes' knowledge. And no, "his" is not a typo.

Silver Age Comics looks at the Olympics in Comic Books, including one of Aquaman's references to the Olympics. One that isn't mentioned is when a Chinese athlete "adds his points" to the American team during WWII, thus showing the friendship between the two countries in "Champion in War!"


Yeah, I like Michael Phelps. He's the single most flexible human I've ever seen (seriously, watch the underwater view while he's doing the butterfly, wow!). Go Aquaman!