Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another Linkdump

This article is giving me some ideas for the fence I need to put in my backyard. I like the pencils one.

Mayan Underworld Found. I wanna visit it.

The BBC reports on a grisly discovery in Papua New Guinea.

I got a perfect score on this test, how did you do?

Geoduck (pronounced gooey-duck) farming may harm marine life. Geoducks are very tasty, but I rarely have them.

The penny is getting a makeover. Follow the links in the article to see all four designs.

Todd Klein posts a maze.

So true, it's not really funny.

Cute Overload covers the squirrel halftime show.

PUG ATTACK: pug in a rug, surfer pug, I'm allergic, pacify the pug, flower-eater, doomed cupcake, CEO pug, and lastly, a pug tongue video (and no, it's not of a pug licking your screen).