Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday Linkdump

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #173: Spidey's Marriage, Bob Kane's Swipes, and Watchmen.

I think maybe I ought to bind my collection of books that I reference a lot and don't plan on ever trying to sell.

Read all of Local #3 for free.

Trio of nested Klein bottles. Oooooh, cool.

Tidal power moves forward in Maine.

How about the 20 Best Websites to Download Free E-Books.

Really, I'm only linking to this article because I really like the headline. I suppose I could also say I want one.

If I were still in the King County Library System, I might be able to find this book recommended by Todd Klein, but the local system doesn't have it. Interlibrary loan may have to be invoked.

Five Thoughts on the Popularity of Steampunk. I like Steampunk. Not in an I'm-going-to-redo-my-house-in-Steampunk-style way, but I enjoy well-made Steampunk artifacts. I particularly like #3.

An actual study on near-death experiences. I wonder what they'll find, although I have my suspicions. Let's just say I'll be very surprised if anyone can describe the images.

Yeah, I looked up my Sarah Palin Baby Name. My preferred name results in "Copper Catfish Palin". Huh.

Random Thought: I enjoy having Sirius Music on my TV because I can listen to a song come on, look at the TV and find out who the group is and what the song is called. If someone tells me the same information, I don't retain it. But when I see it, I remember it. Plus it's just nice to have a channel of good ol' '80s music.

LOLCat Theology: Ceiling Cat Creates and Young and Foolish.