Thursday, September 25, 2008

Four Linkdumps in a Row!


Best Con Costume Ever (not safe for kids who enjoy Sesame Street).

Dave wants you to see what holidays fall on your birthday. For me: Buttercrunch Day, Inauguration Day, and the Anniversary of Roe vs. Wade (which is the same age as me, even). For hubby-Eric: Hugging Day. That works.

Internet Memes Timeline has pretty much every meme I remember, including the earliest ones from my college days.

ComicMix reports on the Siegel and Shuster Society's Successes so far, and encourages you to continue supporting them.

The Amazing Gift of Woo Lai Wah.

Scott Adams notes recent inventions that may save the world.

This has got to be the stupidest school policy ever.

Speaking of stupid, LOLScience has faulty pictures.

The Kents Kitteh.

And lastly, a bit of wisdom from Eric's grandmother, who noted that all the TV news was interested in nowadays is "drivia". I don't think she meant to combine drivel and trivia, but it works. For now and forever, TV news is drivia to me.