Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Calling all comic book fans! If you shop at Ralphs, you can support the Hero Initiative very easily. It makes me wish there was a Ralphs up here.

Comic Book Urban Legends Revealed #170: Atlantis Chronicles, Secret Wars, Offensive Jokes.

Elayne brings us Rippy the Gator in LEGO.

Disney may have already lost rights to young Mickey Mouse.

Some drugs are actually Placebo Amplifiers, which suggests that the placebo effect is more complicated than previously thought.

10 Geeky Movies to Raise Your Kids On. I've seen all but one, but have plans to watch that one in an upcoming movie night.

List of Problems Solved By MacGyver. Cool.

Teddy Bear USB Drive. The picture alone is worth visiting the link for. Go on.

Best Firefox Add-on Ever. It actually makes it possible to read YouTube comments!

Scott Adams is very odd, but his restaurant ideas aren't bad.

A lovely rant addressed to Oprah and her horde of zombies.

My farming will be more suburban than urban, but I'd still like to grow some food at my new house. I'm thinking one zucchini plant, tomato plant(s), and maybe a pepper plant of some sort. I also want to grow sweet potatoes, but I don't know if they do well in the Yakima Valley. Also, I'm really bad at growing things. I tend to overwater.

Hrm, does the appearance of spaghetti cat have anything to do with the impending High Holy Pasta Week? Nah.

Holy Pasta Week
Sep 15-19 is "Holy Pasta Week"
Plan your menus now.